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The top family-friendly hotels in Trentino

There are some very special hotels in Trentino -the ones that put children and families first, with special facilities and rooms adapted to their needs, lots of games and, above all, lots of fun!
Family-friendly hotels in Trentino are places designed to make you feel at home, reliable, attentive staff are ready to welcome you and give help and advice when needed. Are you ready? Let your family holiday begin!

Giocovacanza family-friendly hotels for a great holiday in Trentino

You’ll find everything you need for a relaxed,enjoyable and varied holiday in our family-friendly hotels in Trentino.
You’ll find children’s menus, games rooms, cots and bottle warmers, as well as fantastic miniclubs, where skilled, creative play leaders will keep your children entertained every day.

Family-friendly hotels, a select few

There are many child-friendly hotels in the mountains, but just a few Club Giocovacanza hotels. Why?
Because we've chosen to follow the path of excellence. You'll find us throughout Trentino but membership of our product club is open only to tourist accommodation providers who offer genuine family-friendly hotel facilities.

Outside the hotel there’s the whole of Trentino to discover!

We offer the best child-friendly hotels, but Trentino also plays a part! With its boundless natural areas, its woodlands and wildlife, our region has all the ingredients for a holiday full of wonder, in summer and winter. Our hotels are in the areas of Trentinothat offer the bestin family entertainment. All you have to do is make your way to the hotel, we'll take you by the hand and lead you to the heart of your holiday! Discover Trentino for children!
What shall we do today?

  Let's go and play in the snow!  


  Let's relax at the thermal spa!  


  Let's explore the region!  

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